Indicators of an Abusive relationship

Being in love with someone is a good experience. Two strangers meet and in no time they start loving each other. People lack the knowledge to know if they are being abused. It does not necessarily have to be physical violence for you to know that you are being abused. You may decide to seek help for you to be a stable couple. In this article, you will find signs that will tell you if you are in an abusive relationship.

Irritating jealousy is one of the signs of an abusive relationship. Your partner may start accusing you of cheating due to their jealousy. Your partner’s jealousy locks you out of the outside world completely. Your partner may end up bringing up past issues to make you forget the jealousy. You end up having your partner as your only companion. A family violence intervention program might be a good decision to put an end to this madness. Your life can move on normally once you settle these insecurities.

Another sign that you are in an abusive relationship is that you no longer have your own space. When the protection from your partner becomes too much, then it is not a good thing. It ends up being more of slavery than protection. You should not waste any time when it comes to responding to your partner. They always want to know of your whereabouts or who you are with anytime you part ways with them. Your partner may claim that he or she shows care in that manner. For your relationship to stop being exhausting, you may go for a family violence intervention program.

Put-downs is another sign of an abusive relationship. It is hard for you to do your things without your partner negatively complementing you. They don’t see anything wrong with what they do. A family violence intervention program will be the only thing that can save your relationship at this point.

Your partner might hide his or her dark side in public and be his real self in private. Your partner could pretend to be nice when you are in the company of other people and turn into someone else when it is just the two of you. It is hard for people to guess you are being abused because they think your partner is a good person. You can seek help regarding your relationship from a family violence intervention program. You are on the safe side if you know of these signs of abuse.